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Research Library

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Continuous Learning

As our reference library grows, we plan to split the reference material (where possible) into sections that cater specifically for the Veterinarian and the Veterinary Nurse. Should we have the fortune to also be able to assist the Practise Manager and other practice support staff, these sections will be created when necessary.

This is why it is so important and appreciated that you continue sending Heidi your requests for articles and information on areas / procedures / treatments that you have queries on or experience problems with so that, if we don't already have the article to send to you, we can research and prepare these articles for you.

Your requests and enquiries ensure that we keep our Dental Columns to you, current and relevant.


Learning from each other:

As mentioned on our Vetdent site, we encourage anyone with a question, query or concern on any veterinary topic to email us. If we don't already have the literature available to respond to you, we will ensure that we prepare an article that successfully answers your query. These articles will be shared with everyone in our database and will also be posted on our website for future "questionees" to learn from.

Not only are we growing our reference library, but we are learning from each other. This is why we promote knowledge sharing and want everyone to know that here your questions will always receive an answer!


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